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Cereal Bag Summer Send-In

This summer, earn bonus points by sending in shipments with the Cereal Bag Recycling Program!

How it works

From July 15 to August 31, each shipment that we receive in this program will earn 100 bonus points, no matter the size! All we ask is that you completely fill your box to make your shipment as environmentally-friendly as possible.

If your shipment weighs 5 lbs or more, you will receive the standard TerraCycle point donation and 100 bonus points. 

To learn more about this recycling initiative, click the button below.


For each shipment received in the Cereal Bag Recycling Program during the promotional period, your collection location will be rewarded with 100 bonus points. Points will be credited to your TerraCycle account after the promotion is over, by September 30.

For promotion rules, click here.

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