Schneiders® Lunch Mate™ COLLECTION CRAZE!

All Shipments Received Between January 15, 2021 and March 31, 2021 FREE Entries to Win BIG

Thanks to the Schneiders® Lunch Mate™ Recycling Program, thousands of pieces of empty lunch kit packaging, such as plastic trays, films, and wrappers, have already been kept out of landfills to be recycled into new products! 

And now, the Schneiders® Lunch Mate™ Collection Craze is ON! 

Here’s How to Win:

  1. COLLECT! Save empty lunch kit packaging (such as plastic trays, films, and wrappers) for recycling.
  2. RECYCLE! Send by downloading free shipping labels from the program page.

Are you a school?

TerraCycle will award $500 in TerraCycle bonus points to the four (4) schools that send in the most lunch kit packaging by March 31, 2021.

Not a school?

You can still participate by sending in a qualifying shipment by March 31, 2021. Schneiders® Lunch Mate™ will award $100 gift cards to five (5) randomly selected participants! See promotional details here.


Use this form to send us a photo of how you recycle for a chance to win $500 in TerraCycle points for your school or a $500 Schneiders® Lunch Mate™ gift card for your family!

Join the CRAZE! The Collection Craze is happening from now until March 31. Don’t worry—you can participate whether your kids are attending school in person or online. 

Need a reminder of how easy it is to participate in the Schneiders® Lunch Mate™ Recycling Program? Just click the button below to visit our program page.

Thanks for your participation in the Schneiders® Lunch Mate™ Recycling Program!

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