The Foil Balloons Free Recycling Programme

Recycle your foil balloons and banners at participating Card Factory stores

Discover Our Recycling Process

Once collected, your foil balloons and banners are shredded and melted into plastic pellets that can be remolded into new products.

Click here to take a virtual tour of our processing facilities.

Learn More About Amscan

As one of the world’s largest designers, manufacturers, and distributors of party goods and party accessories, Amscan International is dedicated to leading the sustainability initiative in the party industry, making products that spread joy, but are also mindful of the environment. Whether it concerns costumes, balloons, tableware, or our packaging, we are taking a close look at all our product categories, looking for new ways to make them better for the world around us. 

With foil balloons being one of our main areas of focus, we have partnered with TerraCycle® to help recycle waste and reduce landfill. With our “Do not let go!” message, we are aiming to inform consumers that they should not let foil balloons fly away, but instead dispose of them responsibly. Better still, we welcome all brands of foil balloons!