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Danone launches school project for recycling yoghurt pots

Danone has introduced a free packaging reclamation program across the UK. The new program, called the ‘Danone Yogurt Brigade’ incentivises the return of used yogurt pots by paying a school or not for profit of choice 2p per empty pot … read more

askamum.co.uk · Dec 3, 2010

Using waste to create new products

Every product has a story to tell. A jacket that has been made from hot air balloons or a luxury handbag made out of old fire hoses - our waste is increasingly being used as raw material to create new products. This process is called upcycling which helps to reduce thousands of tonnes of waste going to landfill. Some organisations such as TerraCycle, are also educating communities on the environmental impact of our consumption and encourages concious buying. read more

World Wide Foundation · Dec 2, 2010

Danone joins forces with eco-innovator TerraCycle to re-use and recycle yogurt pots.

The makers of Activa and Actimel have launched a programme collection yogurt pots with eco-innovator TerraCycle, that not only diverts the not traditionally recycled pots from the landfill, as it donates 2p per pot collected to a school or charity … read more

Think Packaging · Dec 2, 2010

Sbarca in Italia il giovane Paperone del trash

wise-society.com · Nov 17, 2010

Collect those pens

Families Magazine West London · Nov 17, 2010

New initiative to encourage yoghurt pot recycling

Materials Recycling Week · Nov 15, 2010

Earth Revolution

earthrevolution.co.uk · Nov 15, 2010

Recycling idea is (yoghurt) potty

Liverpool Echo · Nov 12, 2010

Collect those pens

Families Magazine Solent East · Nov 12, 2010

Recycling scheme is top of the pots

Crosby Herald · Nov 11, 2010