The Kimtech™ Apparel Recycling Programme

Also known as the RightCycle® Programme by Kimberly-Clark Professional™

Discover Our Recycling Process

The items of apparel are initially stored by our logistics partner. When we’ve collected a sufficient amount of disposable apparel from all the different participating companies in the Kimtech™ Disposable Apparel Recycling Programme, we start with the recycling process. We try to recycle the disposable apparel as locally as possible and with the available and most up-to-date technologies and infrastructures. The apparel made from PP are processed into plastic granules, which serves as a secondary raw material for new plastic products. Disposable apparel can be further processed in order to become the raw materials used to make the likes of park benches, waste bins, or watering cans.

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Learn More About Kimberly-Clark Professional™

Kimberly-Clark Professional™ is a world-leading manufacturer of health and hygiene solutions for laboratories and cleanrooms. Together with TerraCycle®, it has launched the first recycling programme for disposable coveralls (also known as The RightCycle™ Programme). To learn more about Kimberly-Clark Professional™, click here.