Public drop-off points

Would you like to help your community recycle more through TerraCycle’s free recycling programmes. ​Find a public drop-off point near you or sign up to create your own.

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Our public drop-off point network

TerraCycle public drop-off points are free to use collection points, to drop off waste for many of our free recycling programmes.

Our locations are run by people just like you who want to do their bit for their community! From teachers, to council staff, parents, community organisations, optometrists, your friendly neighbour, and more. Anyone over 18 is welcome to start their own.

We also have retailer partners like MECCA and Kiehl's, that provide in-store recycling solutions for their hard-to-recycle waste.

What is the benefit of a TerraCycle public drop-off point?

• Public drop-off points are a great way to bring your community together to keep waste out of landfills.

• By combining your recycling with your community members, you’ll be able to send in larger shipments that are more efficient to transport, further reducing your carbon footprint.

Plus, location admins receive TerraCycle Recycling Rewards points for each kilogram of eligible rubbish that’s sent for recycling. TerraCycle points can then be redeemed as a monetary donation to a school, nonprofit, or charity of their choice.

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How to start a public drop-off point

First, choose a good spot for your public drop-off point. It should be located in a popular, easily-accessible area (for instance, a library, a community center, a place of worship, or a retail store). Unless you own or manage the location, make sure you have permission to set up the public drop-off point.

You will need to set up a collection box. The location should be open during daytime hours so people can access the collection box. View our guide here on how to get set up.

How to Get Started

Update Your Profile

Sign in to your TerraCycle account and update your profile with details about your public drop-off point, including location and opening times.

Request to Join

Go to the page for the programme you are interested in. Request to join as a public drop-off point.

Review Eligibility

Our team will review your request and email you if your location is accepted.

Start Recycling

Once approved, your location will be added to the public map. People can now recycle at your public drop-off point!

Our favourite programmes for public drop-off points

If you’re the administrator for a public drop-off point, which waste streams you collect for is entirely up to you! Join as few or as many as you’d like.
Finish Free Recycling Programme - public drop off point
Learn more
Finish Free Recycling Programme - public drop off point
Learn more

Recycle Finish branded dish care soft plastics

Gillette Razor Recycling Programme - public drop-off point
Learn more
Gillette Razor Recycling Programme - public drop-off point
Learn more

Join this program to be listed as a public drop-off point and open to the public in your area.

Have questions? Check out our resources page

Looking for more tips on how to set up your public drop-off point? Want to know how to engage your local community to recycle more and help raise money for charity? We have a bunch of useful posters and stickers available to help you promote your public drop-off point.

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