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Colgate-Palmolive Recycling Resource

Find a recycling solution for Colgate-Palmolive household, health care, and personal care products and packaging.

TerraCycle® in partnership with Colgate-Palmolive

Trusted by millions around the globe to care for their families and homes, Colgate-Palmolive is committed to sustainability and is a proud partner of TerraCycle.
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Local Recycling Solutions

Find a recycling solution for your empty Colgate-Palmolive products and packaging. 

The Colgate-Palmolive Recycling Resource helps you find recycling solutions for your favorite Colgate-Palmolive household, health care, and personal care brands, including curbside, drop-off, and mailback recycling options.

Please note, this map is constantly being updated with new locations, so check back frequently!

How it works

Finding a recycling solution is easy. Use our interactive map above to search for available recycling options.

How to navigate the interactive map

Begin by typing what you would like to recycle into the top search field; wait for a dropdown list to appear showing a product we have a recycling solution for. From the list, click on the item you would like to recycle, and then you will see a green recycling tag for your item in the search bar.

Next, type in your address and click the search button.

You may zoom in or out of the map to narrow or broaden your search by clicking the plus/minus buttons on the bottom right corner of the map.

Browse and select from available recycling options for the item you have searched for near your address. Available recycling options will be listed to the left of the map. For more information about a recycling option, click on a card listed on the left or click on the map directly.


Municipal recycling areas: Regions colored red represent townships that offer free local recycling services. These are typically curbside pickup recycling services. If you fall inside the highlighted region, your cardboard can be placed in your home recycling bin.

TerraCycle Recycling Programs: TerraCycle offers free mailback recycling programs for many types of products and packaging. If your search results direct you to a recycling program, click on the card for the recycling solution to find the link for the recycling program’s website. The recycling program website provides detailed information about how to join the program and recycle your waste for free.

Zero Waste Boxes: For products and packaging that cannot currently be recycled through curbside pickup programs or TerraCycle recycling programs, learn more about TerraCycle’s Zero Waste Box recycling platform as a recycling solution.

Disclaimer of damages: Any public and other recycling facilities that are identified by TerraCycle hereunder are not under the control or influence of TerraCycle; therefore, TerraCycle is not responsible for any losses or damages to any personal possessions and/or property that may occur when accessing such facility.

Learn about Colgate-Palmolive

Colgate-Palmolive is building a future to smile about. Click here to learn more about the company’s sustainability commitments.

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