Protect one acre of rainforest for one year

100 points

By redeeming 100 of your TerraCycle points, you can help safeguard 1 acre of rainforest for 1 year in the Northwest Amazon.

Gaia Amazonas works hand-in-hand with indigenous communities in the Northwest Amazon, supporting cultural and environmental diversity and local governance.  

In the past 25 years, Gaia Amazonas has helped secure the largest contiguous collectively-owned indigenous territory in the world—around 64 million acres, in addition to the creation of a number of National Parks, including Parque Nacional Pure and Parque Nacional Yaigojé Apaporis, and have assisted in the creation and empowerment of 18 indigenous governments.

Gaia Amazonas

Having secured the largest continuous collectively owned indigenous territory in the world, Gaia Amazonas’ efforts now focuses on supporting the sustainable management of this strategic region of the world by facilitating and enabling effective and efficient environmental governance systems and putting adequate legal frameworks in place. Your donation would help make this possible. 

Visit Gaia Amazonas' website.

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