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100 points

When you redeem your TerraCycle points for PSI, you hold consumer product companies responsible for reducing their environmental impact. Every 100 points donated helps them build programs to reduce waste, boost reuse and recycling, create green jobs, and save taxpayer dollars.

PSI brings together those from the private and public sectors to make it safer and more convenient for you to reuse, recycle, and safely dispose of products such as paint, electronics, batteries, unwanted medications, phone books, mattresses, packaging, and more. For example:

  • With Staples, they developed the first retail recycling program for consumer electronics.
  • They facilitated the creation of PaintCare, the first industry-financed paint recycling program. Now, they help PaintCare expand and improve that program. So far, PaintCare has recycled more than 17 million gallons paint, created over 200 jobs, and saved taxpayers over $69 million.
  • They paved the way for the phone books industry’s Opt-Out program. Every opt-out eliminates 18.1 pounds of CO2 equivalents!
  • Their model drug take-back programs help governments pass laws requiring pharmaceutical companies to take part in ending the opioid epidemic they helped create, and keep pets, children, and the elderly safe from accidental overdose and death.

Redeem your points now to help PSI hold consumer product companies responsible for reducing their environmental impacts, and to develop collaborative solutions with all key players, including retailers, government agencies, recyclers, environmental groups, and others.

Product Stewardship Institute, Inc.

PSI sparked and has led the U.S. product stewardship movement since 2000. We believe that companies should take responsibility for their environmental impacts by designing safer, better products that we can reuse and recycle.

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