Purchasing Materials from TerraCycle

TerraCycle will work with you to find the materials you need to meet your sustainability and budget goals.

TerraCycle has developed a worldwide reputation for taking difficult waste streams and finding a downstream recycling application for them. Most material that we collect is pre-processed in some way to separate vastly different material streams from one another. The wide array of material that we collect (both post-industrial and post-consumer) is offered in the following formats:

  1. Raw Material: This is where TerraCycle supplies the material “as is,” exactly the way it is collected. Given that TerraCycle specializes in post-consumer collection programs, it should be noted that these streams will have some level of contamination. Please Note: This material will have original branding and/or trademarks on it, so TerraCycle requires a Certificate of Destruction for the material stating that it will be properly defaced and recycled.
  2. Clean Shred or Regrind: This is where TerraCycle supplies material that has already been shredded, washed, and dried to remove any major contaminants and residual product. This material will often be more than one type of plastic (i.e. PE with some PP, or PE with some PET) given the waste streams that we collect and their multi-layer construction.
  3. Reprocessed Pellets: This is where TerraCycle supplies plastic pellets (typically 3 to 8 mesh) made from the material that we collect. Lot-to-lot consistency will depend on the raw material in question.
  4. Custom Compounds: This is where TerraCycle works with you to develop a custom blend that meets your product specification. We have the ability to alter the pellet’s physical properties and deliver a compound that can be used in your finished product.

Please Note:

Other than the “Raw Material” noted above, TerraCycle does not hold an inventory of regrind, pellets, or custom compounds. All of these items are made to order and will be subject to the appropriate lead time. Please contact a TerraCycle representative for more information.

In addition to the items above, TerraCycle also offers Broker Services for material you may be on the lookout for. If you are looking for a particular material and having trouble finding it, let us know!  Our unique connections with major CPG companies around the world may provide a path to the material you’re looking for. Please fill out the form below and we’ll be touch with you if we find anything that may be of interest.