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Recycling partnerships

Sponsor a recycling program

TerraCycle creates programs that allow your consumers to recycle typically hard-to-recycle items.
Learn more about our options for setting up a recycling solution for your products and packaging.

Launch a recycling program at retail

TerraCycle can boost your sustainability endeavors at retail while driving foot traffic, brand awareness, and more with various formats tailored to your priorities and goals with specialized teams to support. To learn more, contact us here.

Become a public drop-off point

Provide local collectors with a place to drop off trash that will be recycled by TerraCycle, and encourage more recycling in your community at the same time. Become a public drop-off point.

Recycle industrial waste

Have large amounts of scrap plastic or other trash you want to be recycled? Or maybe your business simply needs a way to recycle smaller volumes of mixed waste that aren’t accepted in your property’s waste service. We can help. Learn more here.

Recycle regulated waste

We offer support and products for regulated, universal, and hazardous waste. Our solutions cover fluorescent lamps, bulbs, batteries, aerosols, PPE, and e-waste, as well as organic waste, medical waste, and other potentially harmful waste streams. Learn more about TerraCycle Regulated Waste.

Sell Zero Waste Boxes

If you’d like to resell Zero Waste Boxes at your retail location (online or in-store), or order large volumes, please contact us here.

Recycled content partnerships

Storied materials

We develop and manage custom supply chains for unique post-consumer materials. Source authentic recycled content from the most polluted locations across the world, from oceans to the top of Mt. Everest.

High-volume recycled materials

We develop and manage supply chains for high volume post-industrial and post-consumer materials that are otherwise not traditionally targeted, like dark PET/HDPE, PP, performance polymers, and more. Learn more about Industrial Recycling Services.

TerraCycle Made

We now offer products made from the trash we’ve recycled together! Our TerraCycle Made collection offers home goods, tech accessories, and more, all created using up to 100% recycled material. And at the end of their useful life, these products can be recycled through TerraCycle at no cost.

Reuse partnerships

Loop is a global platform for reuse. We collaborate with brands and manufacturers to create refillable versions of their conventional single-use products.

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Innovation partnerships

Become a Zero Waste Bag partner

Compost companies, you can now make your pickups more profitable and even greener. Grow your business with Zero Waste Bags! By becoming a Zero Waste Bag reseller, you can help your customers recycle what they couldn’t before and increase your earning potential at the same time.

TerraCycle Discovery

Would you like to find out if your products can, at their end-of-life, deliver useful health and wellness insights for your consumers? Analyzing human, household, animal, and mechanical samples left on your products and packaging before recycling can help customers lead more informed and healthier lives with your added insights. Learn more about TerraCycle Discovery.

Protect the ocean

The TerraCycle Global Foundation’s mission is to reduce the flow of plastic waste from rivers and canals before it can reach the ocean. In close partnership with local communities, we design world-class river waste prevention, collection, and recycling solutions in regions of the world suffering from heavily polluted waterways.

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