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Contests and Promotions

We are continuously offering a variety of opportunities to earn great rewards for recycling your waste through our programs. Check this page often for new incentives!

From bonus TerraCycle points to upcycled and recycled products, we offer a variety of exciting rewards for participating in our programs. View the list below for our current contests and incentives.

Recycle rally promo contest icon v1 us 2016

2017 PepsiCo Recycle Rally: Sign Up Promotion

Recycling Program: PepsiCo Recycle Rally
Timeline: April
Prize: Earn 1,000 bonus TerraCycle points
How to win: Simply sign-up for the Recycle Rally!
Target take back website contest icon v2 us

Target Take Back

Recycling Program: Target Take Back
Timeline: April 17 - April 30
Prize: Earn a 20% off coupon towards the purchase of a new car seat!
How to win: Bring your old car seat to a participating Target to be recycled.
Open farm photo contest icon v3 us


Recycling Program: Open Farm
Timeline: April 1 - April 30
Prize: Open Farm pet food for your pet
How to win: Share a qualifying photo with #OpenFarmRecycles
2017 colgate shoprite recycled playground icon image v1

2017 Colgate & ShopRite Recycled Playground Challenge

Recycling Program: 2017 Colgate and ShopRite Recycled Playground Challenge
Timeline: March 12 - June 30
Prize: The grand prize is a recycled playground. Runner-up prizes will also be awarded!
How to win: Earn playground credits by voting and recycling!
Air care recycling rewards icon v1 us

Air Care Recycling Rewards

Recycling Program: Air Care
Timeline: February - June
Prize: Up to $100 in TerraCycle points!
How to win: Send in the most air care products and packaging!
Colgate meijer playground contest q2 2017 assets v1 us icon

2017 Colgate® & Meijer® Recycled Playground Challenge

Recycling Program: Colgate® Oral Care
Timeline: April 23 to June 30
Prize: A playground made from recycled materials, bundles of Colgate® products, and Meijer giftcards.
How to win: Eligible schools need to earn the most playground credits!
Solo points power up icon v1 us

Points PowerUp

Recycling Program: Solo® Cup Recycling Program
Timeline: May
Prize: 100 points per shipment, 200 points per shipment for schools
How to win: Send in shipments through these programs during May (special bonus for schools!)
Greenevents icon

Green Events & Expos

Recycling Program: We're going zero waste with many events and expos around the world!
Timeline: Various dates throughout the year
Boxesofthemonth icon

Zero Waste Boxes of the Month

Recycling Program: Zero Waste Boxes
Timeline: Check back monthly for a new discount!
Prize: Save 20% off each featured Box of the Month.
First shipment icon 300px

First Shipment Bonus

Recycling Program: Multiple recycling programs
Timeline: Varies per program
Prize: Varies per program
How to win: We must receive your first shipment before the promotion ends.