Become a public drop-off point

Would you like to see your community recycle more? You can start your own TerraCycle public drop-off point—a community hub where people can drop off their trash to be recycled through TerraCycle’s free recycling programs.

Icon Terracycle map pin Please note that volunteer administrators (not TerraCycle) manage public drop-off points. The administrators choose the location, hours, and accepted waste streams. Please contact the administrator if you have questions about or suggestions for a specific drop-off location.
Let us know if you find a location that is no longer active by emailing us at

Our Drop-Off Point Network

Thanks to our dedicated network of collectors, we have TerraCycle drop-off points throughout the nation. Check the map above to discover drop-off locations near you—and see if your community needs you to start a drop-off point! It’s simple to start and manage a drop-off point. As the administrator, you’ll choose the location, select which free recycling programs to participate in, manage your drop-off point, and send collected waste to TerraCycle (with prepaid shipping labels) to be recycled. Share duties among a group of friends so it’s even easier!

Why Start a Drop-Off Point?

Starting a drop-off point is easy! The steps to send in recycling from your drop-off point are the same as if you were to collect privately. Plus: • Your convenient drop-off point will encourage your community members to recycle trash that would otherwise end up in landfills. • By combining your trash with that of your community members, you’ll be able to send in larger shipments that are more efficient to transport and process, further reducing your carbon footprint. • You’ll earn all the TerraCycle points for the waste you send in from your drop-off location.

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How to start a drop-off point

First, choose a good spot for your public drop-off point. It should be located in a popular, easily-accessible area (for instance, a library, a community center, a place of worship, or a retail store). Unless you own or manage the location, make sure you have permission to set up the drop-off point.
You will need to set up a collection box. The location should be open during daytime hours so people can access the collection box.

How to get started

Update your profile

Sign in to your TerraCycle account and update your profile with details about your drop-off point.

Request to join

Go to the page for the program you are interested in. Request to join as a public drop-off point. (It’s still free, but a different process than individual sign up.)

Review eligibility

TerraCycle will review and quickly respond to your requests to join programs.

Start recycling

Once approved, your location will be added to the public map. People can now recycle at your drop-off point!

Choose programs to join

As the administrator, you get to choose which TerraCycle free recycling programs your drop-off point participates in. Join as few or as many as you’d like, including these:
Off The Eaten Path® Composting Program (Drop Off)
Learn more
Off The Eaten Path® Composting Program (Drop Off)
Learn more

Compost select Off the Eaten Path commercially-compostable snack bags

Gillette® Recycling Program (Drop-Off)
Learn more
Gillette® Recycling Program (Drop-Off)
Learn more

Becoming a public drop-off point allows community members to contribute to your razor collections.

Colgate® Oral Care Free Recycling Program (Drop-Off)
Learn more
Colgate® Oral Care Free Recycling Program (Drop-Off)
Learn more

Recycle all brands of used or empty oral care products and packaging through this program.

What happens to the waste

Our R&D department analyzes materials to determine the right way to process them into something new. When a waste shipment arrives at one of our Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs), we scan it to record the shipment information, date, weight, and material it contains. Once sorted by category, the different material types are sent to third-party partners to process the materials into usable forms. Your trash can become new products like outdoor furniture, plastic pellets, tubing for construction applications, playground surface covers, and more! Learn more about TerraCycle’s recycling process.