Industrial waste solutions

TerraCycle partners with manufacturing facilities around the world to recycle large quantities of hard-to-recycle waste, as well as small, unusual waste streams like personal protective equipment (PPE).

Working with facilities

TerraCycle works with facilities to address large volumes of waste that are not currently being recycled. Our team will develop customized logistics to make it as easy as possible for your operations team to implement. In some cases, recycling your waste may be cheaper than sending it to landfill or incineration. We also offer zero-waste audits.

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Working with offices

We work with offices worldwide to recycle the unrecyclable through our Zero Waste Box™ platform. Contact our team to get a custom solution for your office.

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Buy recycled raw materials

TerraCycle’s team of scientists has developed a range of closed-loop solutions for many types of waste, including the creation of innovative products like the world’s first pen product from used pens.

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