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Between bake sales, raffles, and coupon books, fundraising for your school can seem like a lot of work. When you recycle with TerraCycle, you can fundraise just by sending us your hard-to-recycle trash. The more you ship in, the more money you bring in! We’ll even give you $5 just for signing up.

When you recycle with TerraCycle, you’ll earn points to redeem as donations for your school. All you have to do is ask your staff and students to bring in accepted items from our many free recycling programs. They’ll learn the importance of recycling, you’ll prevent hard-to-recycle trash from going to the landfill, and your school will benefit from the rewards.

How It Works

  1. Create a TerraCycle account for your school.
  2. Join free recycling programs. See our suggestions here!
  3. Set up a recycling hub in your school using materials on hand. 
  4. Spread the word and let students, parents, and faculty know they can fundraise just by recycling trash that can't typically be recycled curbside. Pro tip: Check out the outreach resources for turnkey ways to share!
  5. When your collection bin is full, download a free shipping label for each program and send the trash to us to be recycled.
  6. You’ll receive TerraCycle Recycling Rewards points that can be redeemed as a donation to your school!

Recycle and get rewarded!

From beauty products to drink pouches to old toys, and so much more! We #RecycleEverything through our free recycling programs. Join one today to start recycling and earning cash for your school.


Ready to turn your trash into cash?

It’s easy to get started and we’re here every step of the way! Download the resources below to support you in building your recycling hub and getting parents, teachers, and students involved.

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Request PR
Icon for Participation Guide
Participation Guide
Icon for Fundraising Outreach Guide
Fundraising Outreach Guide
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Social Post 1
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Social Post 2


More ways to get involved

We offer a variety of exciting prizes for participating in our free recycling programs. Your school can win anything from bonus TerraCycle Recycling Rewards points to upcycled and recycled products. Get your school involved today!


Questions? We're here for you

We’re here to help you set up a successful recycling fundraiser for your school. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information or reach out to our customer care team.