TerraCycle Recycling Rewards

Ship in with featured recycling programs to win! 

Ship in your trash to get rewarded! Through September and October, you’ll be entered to win a Zero Waste Box when you ship through select free recycling programs. Plus, you’ll earn 200 TerraCycle Recycling Reward points. Get rewarded for recycling your hard-to-recycle trash. 

Here’s how to get started: 

  1. Join any of the featured free recycling programs
    1. Drink Pouch Free Recycling Program (Drop-Off) Please note: This is a public drop-off program. If you would like to earn rewards, you must sign up to become a public drop-off point. Learn more here.
    2. NEOSTRATA® and Exuviance® Free Recycling Program
    3. Serenity Kids® Free Recycling Program
    4. ShiKai® Free Recycling Program
    5. Takis® Snacks Free Recycling Program
  2. Collect accepted products and packaging for the programs of your choice. 
  3. Download a free, prepaid shipping label from your TerraCycle account. 
  4. Send in your shipment to earn 200 TerraCycle Recycling Reward points and an entry to win a Zero Waste Box! 

*Your shipment must be received and checked in by the last day of the month to receive TerraCycle Recycling Rewards bonus points. We recommend shipping your box two weeks before the end of the promotion period to ensure it gets to us in time.

See promotional details here.


Every shipment sent in through the participating programs will earn you 200 TerraCycle Recycling Rewards points and an entry to win a FREE Zero Waste Box!

#TerraCycleTip: Recycling Rewards is an ongoing promotion, and it’s constantly changing! Check back every two months to see what programs can help you earn more. 

Remember: earning more TerraCycle Reward points gives you more opportunities to donate to the school, charity, or non-profit of your choice! Learn more about TerraCycle Points.

Encourage friends and family to help you collect and contribute larger shipments! While there is no shipment minimum to earn points for this contest, we ask that you fill your shipping boxes to ensure that they are as eco-friendly as possible.