Gillette Razor Recycling Program - Private Collectors - FAQ

Join this program to collect at home and recycle as a private location or an individual.

After you have joined the Gillette Razor Recycling program, you may print a free, pre-paid shipping label by logging into your account and clicking on "Profile" in the top right corner of the page.

Your profile page will list each of the programs you've joined so far. Simply select "Get Shipping Label" next to the relevant program, and follow the prompts to have a shipping label sent to your email address.

Due to the hazardous nature of the waste, it is required that all packages shipped through this program adhere to the following regulations:

  • Waste must be packed in a strong and sturdy cardboard box. Please do not use bags, sachets, flimsy cardboard boxes or the packaging your razors were sold in.
  • We do not accept any other type of blade or sharp through this program - razors and their packaging only. 

Please consider collecting a few months worth of waste before shipping to TerraCycle.

This program accepts any brand of razor and its packaging - including but not limited to Gillette and Venus.

You do not need to wash your products or packaging, however we do ask that they are completely dry before sending to TerraCycle.

For most of our recycling programs, you can earn a TerraCycle points donation per unit of waste recycled with TerraCycle. For example, in the Gillette Razor Recycling Program you can earn $1 worth of TerraCycle points for every 1kg you send in.

Some recycling programs have shipment size requirements to earn TerraCycle points, but you do not have to meet these requirements if you do not wish to receive TerraCycle points. All shipment sizes may be shipped completely for free and your waste will still be recycled, you simply won’t earn the point donation.

The Gillette Razor Recycling Program does not have a minimum shipment weight to earn TerraCycle points.

There is a minimum of 1,000 points or $10 needed to redeem for a monetary donation. You can redeem your points at any time for a monetary donation to any non-profit, school, or charitable organisation of your choice.

Donations are processed directly to the charity in June and December. All cash donations requested between May 1st and October 31st will be disbursed in December. All cash donations requested between November 1st and April 30th will be disbursed in June.

If you wish for your school or charitable organisation to be the recipient of a monetary donation, make sure you have its contact details. Then, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Select the “My Impact” tab on your account profile.
  3. Select “Manage Charities.
  4. Select “Add new charity."
  5. Search for your school or charity to see if it already exists in our database.
  6. If it doesn’t exist, complete the form with your school or charity’s information.

Please note: If you do not enter the correct contact details for your school or charity, TerraCycle will be unable to disburse payments.

You can distribute your points any way that you would like, you simply have to add each charity or school that you would like to donate points. However there is a minimum donation amount of $10 to any school or charity. 

Hair Aerosols are not accepted through this recycling program. A separate program will be launching for this packaging in December 2020. Sign up to our mailing list and follow us on social media to be the first to know when you can join the program.