Schwarzkopf Cares Hair Aerosol Recycling Program - Private Collectors

Join this program to collect at home and recycle as a private location or an individual.

Give your used hair aerosol packaging a second life with Schwarzkopf and TerraCycle

TerraCycle and Schwarzkopf have partnered to create a recycling program for any brand of used hair aerosol packaging!

Looking to recycle hair care & colour packaging? Click here to see the Schwarzkopf Cares Hair Care & Colour Recycling Program.

Please note: this program has strict shipping guidelines, see below for more details.

Earn triple TerraCycle points for any shipments sent between 9 September - 22 October, so you can do even more good for your community!

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To ship back your Aerosols to be recycled please follow the steps in the "How it works" section below.

If you are dropping off to a Community Collection Hub please ensure your aerosols are completely empty (when you hold down the nozzle no more product comes out) and have their caps on.

How it works


If you are unable to become a Community Collection Hub and be listed on our map as a public location, you can still send us your used hair aerosol packaging as a private location! You can collect on your own or with your friends & family, school or workplace. This option enables you to collect with a group of people without being listed on our Community Collection Hub map.

To sign up as a private collector please follow these steps:

  1. Ensure your aerosols are completely empty and have caps on. Place them in a sturdy cardboard box with at least 5cm of empty space at the top. Ensure the box does not weigh more than 30kg.
  2. When you are ready to send in your waste email with the weight and dimensions of your box, the email address connected to your TerraCycle account and your best contact number to request a pick up. Please note: pickup requests will be processed on Tuesdays and Thursdays for Wednesday or Friday pickup during business hours. 
  3. TerraCycle will call you to book in your courier pick up on your preferred day. You will be provided with a courier label and a TerraCycle tracking label (the TerraCycle label is needed to process your TerraCycle points for charity).
  4. Seal up your box of waste and print out and affix both labels to your box.
  5. A courier will pick up your box of waste and send it off to be recycled. 

What you can recycle in this program

Program accepted waste: Any brand of used hair aerosol packaging, including:

  • All brands of steel and aluminium hair aerosols

Please note: If you are also recycling hair care & colour packaging please collect this waste in a separate box and ensure it is shipped with a label from the correct
recycling program due to strict shipping requirements for aerosols.

What happens to the waste

Once collected, the hair aerosol packaging is broken down and separated by material. Plastics are cleaned and pelletised to be recycled into new products, and metal materials are sent for smelting and conversion to new alloys. Click here for more information about our recycling process.


TerraCycle Points

For each kilogram of used hair aerosol packaging that you send to TerraCycle, you will receive $1 in TerraCycle Points, which can be redeemed for a payment to the non-profit organisation or school of your choice.

There is no minimum shipment weight required to earn points, although we encourage collectors to collect a few months of waste with your friends and family before sending in a parcel!

All shipments recieved this September and October will earn triple TerraCycle points! That means you can do three times the good for the school or charity of your choice. 

Promotions and contests

TerraCycle Shipment Contest

Timeline: 23rd August - 22nd October 2021
Prize: WIN $1000 for you or your organisation, and $1000 for a school or charity of your choice.
How to win: Send in your collections for any free recycling program!


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