The 2021 Create A Garden of Goodness Contest

Recycle Babybel® Packaging for a Chance to Win an Amazing Recycled Garden for Your Community! 

Just imagine… an ordinary yard, garden or field in your community transformed into an absolutely incredible community garden filled with beautiful birds and jaw-dropping flowers!

Babybel® and TerraCycle® have teamed up for an exciting contest where you can win a community recycled garden.

How it works

  1. JOIN the program for free and encourage your community to participate too. The more people who help, the better your chance to win!

  2. COLLECT Babybel® cheese wrappers for recycling.

  3. SHIP your wrappers between May 3, 2021 and August 2, 2021 to be counted for the contest and earn TerraCycle points for every shipment, no matter what. You can download a postage-paid shipping label from your TerraCycle account.

  4. VOTE online for your community to earn additional contest credits, for a chance to win! The top 2 participants will win a Garden of Goodness Bundle!

Need a reminder of how easy it is to participate in the Babybel® Recycling Program? Just click the button below to visit our program page.

Thanks for your participation in the Babybel® Recycling Program!


2 Community Recycled Gardens, each containing:


A bird feeding table to attract birds to your garden (W 32cm x H 163cm x L 70cm) 

2 large flower planters (W 60cm x H 60cm x L 60cm) 

2 large planter boxes (W 40cm x H 40cm x L 120cm) 

2 bird nest boxes to encourage birds to stay (W 14cm x H 29cm x L 18cm) 

1 composter bin to help keep your garden healthy!  (W 60cm x H 110cm x L 63cm) 


YOU can help your community win this recycled garden! Encourage your school, organization and entire community to join in the fun by collecting Babybel packaging! The more people who participate, the better your chance to win!

#TerraCycle Tips to Help You Win:

Spread the word about the contest and encourage your community to help collect Babybel® packaging. Share on social media and ask friends and family if they have Babybel® packaging they can contribute to your shipments.

Remember: the more your ship, the more TerraCycle points you earn. This means more opportunities to donate to the school, charity, or nonprofit of your choice! Learn more about TerraCycle points.

We recommend sending in your shipments prior to July 20 so we receive and count them before the end of the month.


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