Holiday Bonus Bucks 2020

Every year, you recycle the non-recyclable and give to charities and schools through our National Recycling Programs, and we want to thank you with Holiday Bonus Bucks! 

Get in the spirit of giving with 100 EXTRA bonus points for every shipment in select programs!

How it works

Earn 100 bonus points for every shipment of any size we receive in participating recycling programs (listed at the bottom of the page) all November and December—it’s that simple!

There is no minimum shipment weight to qualify, but we ask that you completely fill your shipping box to ensure it’s as eco-friendly as possible. 

Earn 100 EXTRA TerraCycle points every time you ship in participating programs for Holiday Bonus Bucks! See promotional details here.


Encourage friends and family to help you collect and contribute to larger, more frequent shipments!

We recommend sending in your shipments prior to December 15th so we receive and count them before the end of the year!

Remember: more TerraCycle points = more opportunities to donate to the school, charity, or nonprofit of your choice this holiday season! Learn more about TerraCycle points.

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