The Writing Instruments Free Recycling Programme

Recycle your writing instruments at an existing public drop-off point. Please note that you cannot set up your own drop-off point as there are currently no more spaces available. If you’re acting on behalf of a school or university and would like to take part in this programme, please join the waitlist.

Discover Our Recycling Process

Once collected, the writing instruments are cleaned and separated by material type. The fibres and plastics are recycled into raw formats that manufacturers use to make new products.

Click here to take a virtual tour of our processing facilities.


Did you know that with a BIC® Cristal® pen that only weighs 5.8 g, you could write for 3km? Along with several other BIC® writing and colouring instruments the BIC® Cristal® pen received the NF Environment  Mark (NF 400) which rewards the best products in terms of quality and environmental impact.

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