The KP Snacks® Nuts, Popcorn, Crisps and Pretzels Packet Free Recycling Programme

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Find out how to recycle your nuts, popcorn, crisps and pretzels packets below

Discover Our Recycling Process

Once collected, the aggregated nuts, popcorn, crisps and pretzels packets are sorted, shredded and washed. The material is then densified into hard-granulated plastic granules. The granules are then extruded so they can be incorporated into the production of different plastic products such as fence posts and benches.

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Learn More About KP Snacks®

KP Snacks® has been making some of Britain’s best-loved snacks for nearly 70 years. Brands include McCoy’s, Hula Hoops, KP Nuts, Tyrrells, Butterkist, Pom-Bear, Popchips, Skips and Space Raiders.

We constantly strive to do good for our consumers, the environment, our people and our local communities – we call this ‘Our Taste for Good’. From the ingredients we use to the development opportunities we offer our colleagues, the local causes we support, to our strategy to reduce the amount of packaging we use, our business is working to create more happy snacking moments each day.

To learn more about Our Taste for Good, including our pacKPromise; a three-stage plan to reduce our packaging impact, visit