The Recycle and Smile Philips Contest

Win bonus TerraCycle points and Philips sweepstake prizes by sending us your dental care products.

We’re excited to launch this collection contest for all the members of The Philips Dental Care Recycling Programme.


Everyone is welcome, and participation is very easy! Just follow these steps:

  1. Sign up to The Philips Dental Care Recycling Programme if you haven't already as this contest is only open to members of this programme. 

  2. Fill out this form, by Friday 19th November, to agree to enter the competition and to confirm that you have (or have space to create) a drop-off location  that is open to the public.

  3. Make sure you have added either an organisation name or a nickname to your TerraCycle account details as this will appear in the leaderboard. 

Contest rules

All parcels with dental care product packaging that we check in between 9:00 Monday 6th September, and 17:00 Friday 3rd December will be considered in the competition. 

Please send your packaging by Friday 19th November at the latest to ensure they arrive and are checked-in on time. Should you be the participant who has collected the largest volume of dental care products at the end of the competition, you will win 22,500 bonus points for your community worth £225!

To begin, take a look at the Accepted Waste Poster and start collecting as many dental care products as possible to send to us! 

The name of your organisation (linked to your TerraCycle account) will appear on our leaderboard as soon as we check-in your shipments. Please check back regularly to check your placement and total points.

In addition to participating in the competition, you will, of course, receive all applicable TerraCycle points for the dental care product packaging that you have sent as part of the The Philips Dental Care Recycling Programme, providing each parcel meets the minimum shipment weight of 2kg. These are automatically added to your account as usual.

You can find information on all accepted waste and on how to send your packaging in the programme FAQ.

To win

3 winners will receive bonus TerraCycle points worth up to £225:

  • 1st prize: 22,500 bonus points (worth £225)
  • 2nd prize: 17,500 bonus points (worth £175)
  • 3rd prize: 10,000 bonus points (worth £100)
* 1 TerraCycle point is worth £0.01.

* 1 TerraCycle point is worth £0.01.

3 participants of the Recycle and Smile Philips Contest will also be randomly selected for our 3 Philips sweepstake prize bundles.

Sweepstake prize bundles to be won:

  • Total Philips Bundle
    Expertclean Sonicare Toothbrush, Philips Epilator, Philips OneBlade, AirFloss and a pack of brush heads.
  • Philips Oral HealthCare Bundle
    Protective Clean Sonicare toothbrush, AirFloss and a pack of brush heads.
  • Philips Sonicare Bundle
    ​Dailyclean Sonicare Toothbrush and a pack of brush heads.

For more information, please see our Terms and Conditions. To find out how we process nickname data, please take a look at our Privacy Policy.


Rank Participant Score
1. Tadworth Terracycle for Alzhimers 1081
2. Worthing Boys Club 851
3. Ailgylchu in Caerffili 834
4. SHARE South Hill Association for Renewable Energy 768
5. Medic to Medic 640
6. Sunray Community 413
7. Waunarlwydd Community Centre 326
8. en-form 288
9. Home Address 235
9. Woodloes Recycling 235
11. Co.Down Recycling 217
12. Slateford Dental Care 182
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