Eliminating the Idea of Waste®

About TerraCycle

Overconsumption and a throwaway culture have led to a global waste crisis. While even complex trash is technically recyclable, most materials are not profitable to recycle. As a result, waste piles up in landfills and pollutes our planet while virgin materials are extracted from the earth to create new products.

At TerraCycle, our mission is Eliminating the Idea of Waste®. Businesses, government entities, and people like you work with us globally to keep trash out of landfills or from incineration. Through collaboration and innovation, we've developed the world's first solutions in everything from recycling to reuse. Learn more about how TerraCycle is working to eliminate the idea of waste.

How you can help eliminate the idea of waste

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Our easy-to-use free and paid solutions help everyone - including offices, schools, and facilities - #RecycleEverything.
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Recycled content

The trash we recycle together becomes raw materials used to create new products. Explore how you can use recycled content from TerraCycle or buy recycled products directly.
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Through Loop, you can purchase your favorite products in durable, reusable packaging at your favorite retail stores.
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We attack the waste crisis from all angles, developing innovative solutions for collecting and processing complex waste, integrating it in new production, and more.
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The TerraCycle Global Foundation is a non-profit organization working to reduce the flow of plastic waste from rivers and canals worldwide before it can ever reach the ocean.
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Discover our recycling process

Take a virtual tour of our recycling and sorting facilities.

See our process
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People and culture

We are a fast-paced, entrepreneurial organization that thrives on collaboration and innovation. Our mission lives within every team member and even in our office space.

Join the TerraCycle team
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Our offices

Our award-winning team of designers have created unique office spaces around the world by using upcycled, recycled, or reused materials for almost every fixture, piece of furniture, and item of décor. Our walls are covered in ever-changing graffiti.
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TerraCycle has won over 200 awards for social entrepreneurship and sustainable business.
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In the news

Read the latest news about TerraCycle. If you are a member of the media and would like to learn more about TerraCycle, please visit our media room.
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From humble beginnings, TerraCycle has grown into the global leader in recycling, recycled content, reuse, and overall waste innovation.
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Investor relations

Learn more about ways you can invest in TerraCycle. Current investors can sign-in here.
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We advocate for meaningful, practical solutions to the waste crisis, like buying less and designing solutions to be municipally recyclable.
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Partner with us

We create first-of-their-kind solutions to tackle the waste crisis from a number of different angles—from recycling the hard-to-recycle to integrating recycled materials into new products to transforming packaging from disposable to reusable—all with the help of our partners.

If you are interested in building your sustainability platform and working with us to drive change, explore our partnership opportunities.

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