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Clif Bar® Eco-Shipments

There are many ways to act sustainably, and one of them is to simply send in larger shipments through the Energy Bar Wrapper Recycling Program (in partnership with Clif Bar!).

How it works

As summer wanes to a close and autumn takes its place, let’s take a moment to consider the earth and our environmental impact. This fall season, we want to reward you for acting sustainably. From August through October, you will earn 1,500 TerraCycle points for every shipment you send in over 15 lbs. This is a great opportunity to engage other collectors in your community to make a bigger impact.

By sending in one large shipment, as opposed to multiple smaller shipments, you can significantly reduce the impact of transportation on our environment. 

Please review the Clif Bar Eco-Shipments Rules for participation.


For every shipment of 15 lbs. or more, you will be rewarded with 1,500 TerraCycle Points. 

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