2020 Colgate & ShopRite Recycled Playground Challenge

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2020 Colgate and ShopRite Recycled Playground Challenge Cancellation

Due to COVID-19, Colgate, ShopRite and TerraCycle have decided to cancel this year’s programming. We do so with heavy hearts. However, we are steadfast that this is the right decision in light of today’s school closures and our commitment to honor the health of ShopRite families.


Q: Will any prizes or playgrounds be awarded as part of the 2020 Playground challenge?

A: Honoring and protecting the health of students, teachers, school administration and families is of utmost importance during this unprecedented time. As such, no prizes, including playgrounds, will be awarded this year.

Q: What if I have already shipped old oral care items or placed a vote on behalf of my school since the 2020 program started on 3/8? Will these playground credits still be valid?

A: Unfortunately, any previously received 2020 playground credits will be considered void for the reasons above. 

Q: Will used toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes, or floss containers shipped since the start of the 2020 program on 3/8 still be recycled?

 A: Absolutely. Oral Care items received to date as part of the 2020 Playground Challenge will still be recycled and diverted from landfills. 


Students, teachers and families continue to be at the forefront of our minds during this unprecedented time. Colgate, ShopRite and TerraCycle look forward to resuming the Playground Challenge program with you in full force next year, with many more schools to impact and smiles to share.


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