Holiday Bonus Bucks 2018

At TerraCycle, we believe the holiday season is about giving back. That’s why this year’s Holiday Bonus Bucks is about helping those in need. 

How it works

Did you know you can provide a meal to an American facing hunger with just 50 TerraCycle points? During November and December, earn 100 bonus points for every shipment sent in through participating recycling programs (listed below). Click here to redeem your TerraCycle points for a donation to Feeding America or another charity of your choice.

Note: Your shipments may be any size to qualify, but we ask that you completely fill your shipping container to be as efficient as possible.

Additionally, your shipments must be received before December 31st to qualify for these points. Please ship at least 2 weeks before this date to ensure that your shipments are received in time.

All participants are subject to the Holiday Bonus Bucks Rules.

IMPORTANT: Please note that this promotional period’s end date is final. For your collections to qualify for Holiday Bonus Bucks, all shipments must be received and processed into our database before the end of December. Please allow for 14 business days from the date they are received to process through our system.

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