Recycling Triathlon!

Sustainable schools rule!

Schools, it's your time to shine!

This fall, TerraCycle is giving away thousands of dollars for your schools. From September 1st to November 30th, jump into our Recycling Triathlon with fun ways to raise money by showing us how you promote recycling in the classroom!

You'll be able to earn TerraCycle bonus points for your school by sending us flyers you design, photos of your recycling stations, and qualifying shipments to select programs. In addition to the points you'll earn just from making submissions, each submission will enter you for a chance to win a grand prize!

Start the school year off right by rallying your school community around recycling. Let the games begin!

Click here to view the official rules.

How it works

For our Recycling Triathlon, schools will have a variety of ways to participate and earn points! 

1. Design a TerraCycle flyer for your school

Earn 1,000 TerraCycle points

Make a custom flyer encouraging your school to recycle through TerraCycle and showcasing the TerraCycle logo! As a starting point, you can use this downloadable template for inspiration. Each school can submit one flyer through the form at the end of this page, and you will receive 1,000 TerraCycle points for the submission!

EXTRA: TerraCycle will select our 5 favorite designs and give each of these winners 10,000 bonus points and a classroom prize pack from our friends at Ticonderoga and Prang!

2. Send us a picture of your TerraCycle recycling station

Earn 2,000 TerraCycle points

Show us how you recycle at your school! Snap a photo of your school's TerraCycle recycling station and send it to us to receive 2,000 bonus points. Each school can submit one photo submission through the form at the end of this page. Plus, get creative with your photos and you could win even more points! 

EXTRA: TerraCycle will select our 5 favorite photos and give away 20,000 bonus points to each of these winners!

3. Send in a qualifying shipment in select programs

Earn 1,000 TerraCycle points per shipment

Engage your school to recycle and send in a shipment to one of the programs listed below! To qualify, each shipment must be compliant with the program's accepted waste and meet the minimum shipment weight to earn bonus points for that program. Every compliant, qualifying shipment will earn you 1,000 bonus points! 


EXTRA: TerraCycle will select 5 schools at random who sent in qualifying shipments through these programs and give away 20,000 bonus points to each of these winners!