Reduce a tonne of carbon from the atmosphere

1000 points

Fight climate change by supporting’s innovative projects that are reducing carbon emissions worldwide. Redeeming 1,000 points allows to reduce a metric tonne or 2,205 pounds of emissions from the atmosphere.

With international progress on climate change solutions at a standstill, addressing climate change depends on groups like who are developing private-sector solutions that can reduce carbon emissions today. We help farmers by supporting projects that capture and convert carbon emissions from farm waste into renewable, clean energy. We help communities in India that depend on clean, renewable wind energy through projects.

By donating more points to support’s climate-saving projects, we can achieve more progress on climate change in our lifetimes. With your help, our wind projects in the state of Gujarat are producing enough clean power to supply the equivalent energy needs of 60,000 homes. And our methane-reduction projects in places like Homer, NY are creating new sources of renewable energy that reduce pollution and dependence on dirty fossil fuels. In Louisiana, Missouri, Arkansas and Brazil, communities are benefiting from our projects to replant trees and to ensure that forests are protected.

Please do your part today to fight climate change. Redeem 1,000 points now to reduce a tonne of carbon from our atmosphere. If 100 people redeem at this level, this is comparable to planting 2,500 trees and allowing them to grow for ten years! is leading the fight against climate change, making it easy and affordable for any individual, business or organization to reduce their climate impact and hasten the transition to a clean energy future. Help support’s innovative projects around the world that are reducing global warming emissions.

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