Dish and Air Care Recycling Program - Community Collection Hubs

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Champion sustainability in your community by becoming a Community Collection Hub.

TerraCycle, Fairy and Ambi Pur have partnered to create a free recycling program for all brands of dish and air care packaging. Sign up as a Community Collection Hub to be featured on the TerraCycle map so individuals in your community can find your location to drop off their waste. Read more about becoming a Hub below. 

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How it works

The Community Collection Hub network is a network of locations around Australia where members of the community can take their 'non-recyclable' waste to be recycled with TerraCycle.

Becoming a Hub is the most sustainable way to collect TerraCycle waste. Bigger shipments mean less environmental impact, while earning more donations for the charity or school of your choice. Here's how it works:

  1. Request to join the program by clicking "Join the program" above.
  2. Set up your recycling station using the resources provided.
  3. The address listed in your TerraCycle account will be posted on the publicly available Community Collection Hubs map. Individuals in your area will use your location to drop off their dish & air care waste. 
  4. Download a free shipping label from your TerraCycle profile, affix it to your box of waste and take it to your closest Australia Post to ship.

Want to know more?

To find out more about being a Community Collection Hub and its benefits, see here.

What you can recycle in this program

Program accepted waste: Any brand of dish care and air care packaging, including:

  • Dishwashing liquid bottles (including caps)
  • Dishwashing tablets flexible packaging (including snap locks and zip locks)
  • Plastic spray bottles (including spray and trigger heads)
  • Air fresheners and refills (including plug-ins and plastic outer packaging)
  • Air freshener aerosol cans.
  • Clip-on car fresheners and refills (including plastic outer packaging) 

Please note: cardboard and paper packaging is recyclable through regular Council recycling. Please do not include these in your collections for this program.

While we accept all Fairy products in this program, some bottles may also be accepted through kerbside recycling - check with your council first.

What happens to the waste

Once collected, the dish and air care packaging is sorted, cleaned and melted into hard plastic that can be remolded to make new recycled products. Click here for more information about our recycling process.


TerraCycle Points

Each unit of dish and air care packaging that you send to TerraCycle can be redeemed for a payment of AU$0.02 to the non-profit organisation or school of your choice. 

There is no minimum shipment weight required to earn points, although we encourage collectors to collect multiple items before sending in their parcel!

To learn more about our points program, click here.