Recycling GUrus

Send shipments through the Performance Nutrition Recycling Program for a chance to win!

Recycling GUrus, unite! From August through October, collect and send in all of your performance nutrition products and packaging for the chance to win rewards!

To celebrate our GUrus for your recycling efforts, the top five collectors will win prize packages including GU product bundles and bonus TerraCycle points.

How it works

From August 1 to October 31, send in as much performance nutrition packaging as possible through the Performance Nutrition Recycling Program. The GUrus who collect and send in the most packaging during the contest period will be rewarded, so get recycling!

Click here to view the official rules.


The top five collectors who send in the most performance nutrition packaging during the contest period will be rewarded with TerraCycle points and GU product bundles.

1st Place: GU product bundle plus 50,000 TerraCycle points

2nd Place: GU product trio plus 20,000 TerraCycle points

3rd Place: GU product duo plus 15,000 TerraCycle points

4th Place: GU products plus 10,000 TerraCycle points

5th Place: GU products plus 5,000 TerraCycle points