TerraCycle Recycling Rewards

Earn TerraCycle Recycling Rewards points by recycling in participating programs.

What is the TerraCycle Recycling Rewards program?
The TerraCycle Recycling Rewards program is a point-based program in which TerraCyclers are rewarded for recycling in select free recycling programs! Eligible shipments in participating programs earn TerraCycle Recycling Rewards points which can be deemed as a donation to the school, charity, or nonprofit organization of your choice! Our international community of TerraCyclers has raised millions of dollars for amazing causes.

Anyone can participate in multiple select free recycling programs at once to maximize their earnings, but please check the specific qualifications of each program on their respective program pages. Please note, you must redeem a minimum of 2,500 TerraCycle points (or $25), or check out how you can support one of our highlighted charity partners below.

Learn more about redeeming your points here.


Charity Database

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Please Note

We have two payment periods per year. If you redeem by the end of April, your charity will be paid in June. If you redeem by the end of October, your charity will be paid in January.