Inside TerraCycle

TerraCycle is like no other waste management company in the world.

Each of our global offices is made entirely from repurposed waste. Our walls are covered in ever-changing graffiti from local artists, we thrive on a culture of transparency and high-energy innovation, and we have a dedicated team of passionate, eco-minded employees. To see what our offices are like, tune into our TV show, “Human Resources” on Pivot, or look through careers and internships available at TerraCycle to experience it for yourself.


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Our offices

Each of TerraCycle’s offices around the world have been built and decorated from repurposed waste by TerraCycle’s team of Design Junkies. Meeting room “walls” are made from soda bottles and vinyl records act as dividers on top of desks made from old doors. The results are completely unique, dynamic, and upcycled office spaces that are enjoyed around the world by over 100 TerraCycle team members.

TV shows

Human Resources

In 2014, The Pivot Network ( partnered with us to create an innovative docu-comedy: Human Resources, which became the highest rated original programming on the network. Download full episodes from iTunes.

Garbage Moguls

Garbage Moguls takes a look inside one of the world's most eco-friendly manufacturers: TerraCycle. Follow the team's unorthodox creative process as they successfully develop, create, test and sell two unique products composed entirely of trash to two major retailers - OfficeMax and Wal-Mart.


The Future of Packaging

Tom Szaky sets out to do the impossible: eliminate all waste. This book paints a future of a circular economy that relies on responsible reuse and recycling to propel the world towards eradicating overconsumption and waste, starting with packaging.

“This is a crash course on designing for the circular economy. The message is not to scale back but innovate upward to nurture an optimistic vision for a future of prosperity, with less waste. This book is for you—the future leaders—to engage and inspire you to learn from the best.”
—Paul Polman, CEO, Unilever

Make Garbage Great

Make Garbage Great is the household primer on going and staying green. With more than 200 photographs and illustrations, and more than 100 tips and creative do-it-yourself upcycling projects, this book offers a visual guide to demystify the impact of “garbage” and how we can lessen it.

Outsmart Waste

Ever-expanding landfills, ocean gyres filled with floating plastic mush, endangered wildlife: our garbage has become a massive and exponentially growing problem in modern society. Eco-entrepreneur Tom Szaky explores why this crisis exists and explains how can we solve it by eliminating the very idea of garbage. To outsmart waste, he says, we first have to understand it, then change how we create it, and finally rethink what we do with it.

“Tom illuminates pathways to finding ‘gold in garbage heaps’… Thanks to this book, I can no longer acquire and discard unconsciously, and as I’ve long said, change begins with awareness.” — From the foreword by Deepak Chopra

Revolution in a bottle

Tom Szaky dropped out of Princeton University to found TerraCycle, a company that makes the non­recyclable, recyclable. Revolution in a Bottle is a rollicking tale of entrepreneurial adventure and an essential guide to creating a company that’s good for people, good for profits, and good for the planet.

“TerraCycle is doing more than selling good green products; it is changing how manufacturers, retailers, and consumers treat their waste. Read this book. I’m glad I did.”

—Ben Cohen, cofounder, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream

Graffiti at TerraCycle

From annual graffiti jams to the daily repainting of our walls, graffiti is an integral part of the TerraCycle culture. Each summer, the walls are painted over so graffiti artists have a fresh canvas to work with at the annual Graffiti Jam. Artists come from all over the world to participate in this event and the TerraCycle office exterior is completely redesigned at the end of the jam.