Public drop-off locations

Learn more about public drop-off locations below.

What is a public drop-off location?

A public drop-off location is a place with a collection bin where members of the public can drop off hard-to-recycle waste to be recycled by TerraCycle®. A public drop-­off location is typically set up and managed by a single person or a small group of people (known as administrator(s)). The administrator(s) will be in charge of managing the public drop­-off location, sending the waste to TerraCycle® and deciding how earned points will be distributed.

How can I find a public drop-off location?

To find a public drop-off location for your chosen programme (applicable for most of them), please go to the programme page and scroll down to use the interactive map where all locations are listed.

As each map is updated regularly, we advise you check the details of the chosen location (full address, opening hours and location of collection box at the site) before dropping your waste.

How can I set up a public drop-off location?

To set up a public drop-off location, please follow the steps below:

1. Start by finding a place to set up your public drop-off location and check with the person responsible of the site first (if applicable). Example locations could be your home, local supermarket, school or community facility. Please note we might need to verify this information later on.

2. Complete the public drop-off application form found on the programme page.

3. Check the ‘How it Works’ section on the programme page as each recycling programme is slightly different. Further steps to complete your application may be required.

4. Wait for confirmation from us via email.

5. Once the application is approved, place a collection box in the chosen location to start collecting waste!

You can only register one public drop-off location per programme. If any of the public drop-off location details change, please notify the Customer Support Team at or via Freephone 01 481 9380 and they will update the details online.

What are the benefits of setting up a public drop-off location?

​1. Collecting more waste will allow you to earn more TerraCycle® points, which means larger donations for the organisation of your choice.

2. Having a greater positive environmental impact by sending in larger, more efficient shipments as fewer transport trips will be needed.

3. Creating your own recycling facility nearby in a convenient place for you and your community, so no inconvenient trips to other public drop-off locations occur!

Resources & tools for drop-off location administrators

There are useful resources on the TerraCycle® website, including the programme pages (Accepted Waste Poster and Promotional Poster), to promote your drop-off location. Public drop-off location administrators will be notified if collection boxes are available.