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Public drop-off locations

TerraCycle has introduced public drop-off locations, allowing your community to contribute to your collections, so that more waste can be collected more efficiently.

Finding drop-off locations in your area

Not every programme has drop-off locations available. You will have to review a programme’s individual page to determine if you may recycle waste in your community. Programmes that have drop-off locations are indicated by the "drop-off" tab on the free recycling programme index.

What is a public drop-off location?

A public drop-off location provides a community with a centralised, publicly accessible location to drop off specific types of waste and packaging to be recycled.

A drop-off location is typically managed by a single person or a small group of people. This administrator (or group of administrators) will be in charge of managing the drop-off locations and deciding how earned points will be distributed.

Listing a drop-off location

If you have drop-off locations already established in your community (or you are planning on establishing them), you must complete the Drop-Off Application Form for applicable programmes to begin the application process. If a programme is accepting drop-off locations you will find access to the form on each individual programme page, or you will be sent the form via email.

What makes a good drop-off location?

A good drop­off point is easily accessible to the public and is physically located in an area that the public already interacts with on a regular basis (e.g. a supermarket, a community centre, public library, or retail store). The location should be open during reasonable hours so members of the public can drop off their waste.

If possible, putting a collection bin outside may be the best option for a location. You will need to provide your own outdoor, weather­resistant collection bin, but you will not have to rely as heavily on the hours of operation of the location hosting your bin.

Some good drop­off locations include your local supermarket, an independent retailer, a community center, or your township library. All drop­off locations will be shown on a searchable map so that the people in your area can find your drop­off location(s) and drop off their waste.

More than one location can be run by the same administrator and raise funds for the same charity.

Resources & tools for drop-off location administrators

Find useful posters and stickers to promote your drop-off locations. Print them out and attach them to your collection bins or put them on public notice boards around your community.