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Redeem your points

Through many of our programmes we reward you with TerraCycle points for qualifying waste. These points are redeemable for a cash payment to the non-profit organisation or school of your choice, and other charitable gifts.

Charitable Gifts

Contribute towards the purchase of a community food waste digester with ‘Zero Waste Alliance Ireland’

A food waste digester enables food waste to be turned into compost or fuel within 24 hours.

1000 points

Help provide a family of 5 with a nutritious dinner with 'Focus Ireland'

Enable a family to have a meal from the Focus Ireland Coffee Shop in Temple Bar

1000 points

Your school or organisation

Your TerraCycle points may be redeemed directly to your school or organization of your choice. Please note, you must redeem a minimum of 1,000 TerraCycle points, or €10. To learn more about the points programmeclick here.

Please note

We have two payment periods a year - If you redeem by the end of April, your charity will be paid in June. If you redeem by the end of October, your charity will be paid in December.