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Points PowerUp

Last year’s TerraCycle Points PowerUp was such a success, we're running it again! Through 2019, we'll feature a different program where you can earn bonus points per shipment every month.

Remember: The more TerraCycle points you earn = more opportunities to donate to the school, charity or nonprofit of your choice.

How it works

This October, the TerraCycle Points PowerUp program is the Late July® Snacks Recycling Program. Every shipment we receive through the Late July Snacks Recycling Program in October earns you 100 bonus points. There is no minimum shipment size to qualify, but we ask that you completely fill your shipping box or bag to ensure your shipment is as eco-friendly as possible.


Each TerraCycle Points PowerUp promotion is one month long, which means we have to receive your shipment before the end of that month for it to count towards your bonus. We suggest you send in your recyclables prior to the 15th of each month.

GOAL: Try to ship every month of this year’s Points PowerUp! Each month will feature a different free recycling program for more opportunities to earn bonus points. Good luck!


100 bonus points for every shipment received through the Late July Snacks Recycling Program during October, no matter the size.

All eligible participants are subject to the TerraCycle Points PowerUp Rules.

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