Staples Recycling Program

Recycle all used writing instruments through this program.

Recycle in partnership with Staples Canada

TerraCycle® and Staples Canada have partnered to provide a second life for used writing instruments. Save used writing instruments and recycle them at your nearest Staples store. 

Through in-store collection at over 300 locations across Canada, we have successfully diverted over 2 million writing instruments from ending up in landfills. If all writing instruments recycled through this program were connected, they could travel up the CN tower nearly 700 times! 

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In light of recent business closures at the guidance of The Public Health Agency of Canada and local governments, we strongly recommend contacting your local recycling location to confirm they are still open and collecting before leaving your home to drop off.

This map is constantly being updated

How it works

Participating is completely free and very easy. Collect used writing instruments at your location and drop them off at your nearest participating Staples store to be recycled.

What you can recycle

Program accepted waste: Any brand of pens and pen caps, mechanical pencils, markers and marker caps, highlighters and highlighter caps, permanent markers and permanent marker caps.

What happens to your recyclables

Once collected, the writing instruments are separated by material composition. The separated items are then cleaned, shredded, and made into new recycled products. Click here to learn more about the recycling process.


Need help getting started? From downloadable posters to videos and guides, there are plenty of resources available to help you make an even bigger difference on the environment.

Do it yourself projects

Here are some inspiring projects to show you how you can reuse your materials right at home


Staples Canada believes that you should have peace of mind when choosing your writing instrument, which is why they've partnered to create a new life for pens, markers, and pencils. To learn more about Staples Canada, click here.

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