The Warburtons Bakery Recycling Programme

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The Warburtons Bakery Recycling Programme

The Warburtons Bakery Recycling Programme is one of two recycling programmes that allows you to recycle your bakery plastic packaging, for free. This page is for anyone who wants to create a way for their whole community to recycle their bakery plastic packaging by setting up a public drop-off location.

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Find a drop-off location near you

Find existing public drop-off locations close to you using the interactive map displayed below. If there are no locations within a 5 mile radius and you’d like to set up your own, scroll down the page for more information.

This map is constantly being updated

How it works

If there are no public drop-off locations within a five mile radius, you can set up your own. Simply follow the steps below:

  • Find a public place to host your collection, keeping in mind you can only have one public drop-off location per account per programme. Important: please make sure that the address you sign up with is accessible by the public and that you have permission from the person in charge.
  • Request to join the programme by clicking the join-button at the top of this page.
  • Wait for your confirmation email whilst we are checking your account details.
  • Once confirmed, your location will be visible on the map and you can start collecting!

To learn more about what public drop-off locations are and what it involves to set up one, please click here.

Have a question? Visit the TerraCycle Help Centre for more information and answers to our frequently asked questions.

What you can recycle in this programme

Did you know you can also recycle your Warburtons wax wrap with The Warburtons Wax Wrap Recycling Programme? Click here to find out more and sign up.

What happens to this waste

Once collected, the bakery plastic packaging is shredded, washed and then pelletized. These pellets can be used for a number of molded rigid plastic products like benches, or used as film for products such as rubbish bags. Click here to learn more about the recycling process.


This programme offers 100 TerraCycle points for each kilogram of bakery plastic packaging​ sent. However, the points will only be awarded if the parcel reaches the minimum weight of 2 kilograms.

For example:

500 grams = 0 TerraCycle® points
2 kilograms = 200 TerraCycle® points
10 kilograms = 1000 TerraCycle® points

1 TerraCycle® point is worth 1 penny.

1 TerraCycle® point is worth 1 penny.

To learn more about TerraCycle Points and how to redeem them, click here.


To find out more about the Warburtons recycling partnership with TerraCycle, visit

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