Zero Waste Box™

Frequently asked questions

What is a Zero Waste Box™?

A Zero Waste Box is a complete and convenient solution which includes the storage, shipping and recycling of a particular type of waste that isn’t currently recycled through local councils or traditional recycling facilities.

We can recycle almost anything, from coffee capsules, snack wrappers, VHS tapes to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Zero Waste Box is an all-inclusive solution developed by award-winning waste experts at TerraCycle®. The recycling boxes are easy to set up and use, making it the perfect option for households, schools, businesses, manufacturing and events facilities looking to increase their sustainable practices.


How it works

Order: Select the Zero Waste Box based on what you would like to recycle.
Fill: Fill your box with the accepted waste.
Ship: Using the pre-paid UPS shipping label affixed to the back of your box, arrange for your waste to be collected for recycling. All shipments are carbon-neutral, meaning the carbon emissions released during transport will be offset. Click here to organise your free collection.
Reorder: Continue to recycle everything and reorder a new Zero Waste Box.


Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I return my Zero Waste Box™ when it’s full?
When your Zero Waste Box™ is full, simply tape the top opening shut. Your box will arrive with a prepaid return shipping label already attached on the back. All you have to do is either call UPS on 03457 877 877 and provide them with the tracking number from the label or schedule the collection on the UPS website.

The tracking number starts with the number 1, followed by the letter Z: "1Z". Add the tracking number without any spaces.

Click here for more details on how to schedule the collection on the UPS website.

Where do you deliver?
This online ordering service is only available in mainland Britain.

We don’t operate in Northern Ireland, British Overseas Territories, Crown Dependencies (Guernsey Island, Jersey Island, the Isle of Man), the Channel Islands, the Hebrides/Shetland/Orkney Islands and the Isles of Scilly.

Do you accept orders from Northern Ireland?
We are not able to accept online orders from Northern Ireland at present. You can however purchase boxes via sales quotation by contacting Please note that a delivery charge applies.

How can I talk about using Zero Waste Box as a take-back scheme for my business?
If you are a business choosing to offer a recycling solution to your customers using Zero Waste Box™, we are looking forward to working with you and have put together a guide to help you promote your recycling efforts.

Are Zero Waste Box™ shipments carbon neutral?
Yes. On top of collecting and recycling waste that would otherwise be destined for landfill or incineration, we have made a commitment that Zero Waste Box™ shipments through UPS are carbon neutral. This means that whenever a Zero Waste Box™ is sent, the carbon emissions released during its transport will be offset. By offsetting the emissions, we neutralize the negative impact it has on the environment. 
With UPS help, we are investing in projects that reduce carbon emissions around the world. For example, we are supporting reforestation initiatives whereby trees are planted to absorb carbon dioxide emissions. This way, the carbon emissions are balanced out. 

Can I order Zero Waste Boxes via a sales quote and pay by bank transfer?
You can create an account with us and pay by bank transfer if your purchase exceeds £1000. Please email your order details to We will require your billing and delivery information as well as your purchase order number (if applicable). If your purchase is below £1000, you must place the order on our website and pay with a debit or credit card.

I am a business. How do receive my annual waste transfer note?
An annual waste transfer note is required for waste originating from a commercial activity. You do not need to complete a waste transfer note if you order a box for your home.

A waste transfer note is a legal document that details and records the transfer of waste from one person to another.

To receive your TerraCycle® waste annual transfer note for Zero Waste Boxes, please add in your company name and company SIC code* when placing an order or creating an account. We strongly recommend that you create an account if you wish to view your recycling history and resend the waste transfer note to yourself, should you lose your copy.

*SIC codes provide a description of your company's nature of business. If you’re unsure, please find it on the Companies House website.

Alternatively, please complete this form following instructions from our step by step guide.

Do you offer bulk discounts for online orders?
Yes, for some of our most popular Zero Waste Boxes we offer a bulk discount price online for orders of either 5-9 or 10+ boxes of the same waste stream and box size. The bulk discount price for both of these tiers is displayed on the product pages where this is offered. Please note, bulk discount prices cannot be combined with promotions or discount codes.

Please contact our Customer Care team if you are interested in placing an order for 25 Zero Waste Boxes or more.


I need to cancel or return my order. How can I do this?
You can view our returns and refunds policy in our Terms and Conditions (section 5).

I need to edit my order. How can I do this?
Unfortunately, we are unable to make edits to the contents of an order, including changing the payment method used. If you ordered an incorrect item or need to change your payment method, please reach out to or call 0146 5915 018.

When will my order arrive?
Your order should arrive within 5 to 7 working days. Deliveries are carried out by UPS Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm. After your order has been dispatched from our warehouse, you’ll receive an email with your tracking information. Please note: Your order may be shipped to a UPS pickup point after a missed delivery. Track your box here.

Important: Our online ordering service is only available in mainland Britain.
We don’t operate in Northern Ireland, British Overseas Territories, Crown Dependencies (Guernsey Island, Jersey Island, the Isle of Man), the Channel Islands, the Hebrides/Shetland/Orkney Islands and the Isles of Scilly.

How do I correct a delivery address after I have placed an order?
Delivery addresses may be edited before your order has shipped by reaching out to However, once an order has shipped, the address can no longer be changed. Please note that some orders ship in under 24 hours, so we cannot guarantee that your shipping address can be changed after the order has been placed.

How do the National Recycling Programs work, and how do they differ from the Zero Waste Box™ system?
At TerraCycle, we offer two main recycling solutions for people and companies based in the UK: Free National Recycling Programmes and Zero Waste Boxes™.

The Zero Waste Box is a different product and recycling service, separate to the free Recycling Programmes. Zero Waste Boxes provide solutions for waste that cannot be recycled through your local council or traditional recycling companies. 

TerraCycle free Recycling Programmes are funded by brands, manufacturers and retailers to help you collect and recycle your hard-to-recycle waste. Simply choose the programmes you’d like to join on TerraCycle website; start collecting in your home, school, or office then take the waste to drop-off locations near you. 

Important: You do not need to purchase a Zero Waste Box™ if you are signed up to a free Recycling Programme. For more information about the programmes, please contact our customer service team on 0146 5915 018 or email

Why does a Zero Waste Box™ cost money when many of the National Recycling Programs do not?
The cost of recycling can be broken down into three main parts: transportation, processing, and recycling. Your local government manages typical kerbside collections. With the Zero Waste Box™ system, the collection is built into the price. With National Recycling Programs, the sponsoring brands and retailers pay for these expenses.

With Zero Waste Box™, you have the power to take matters into your own hands and recycle everything.

Zero Waste Boxes™ are not in our budget. Is there something we can do?
The price of a Zero Waste Box is based on the current shipping and recycling costs for each material type. We understand this service may not be a fit for all customers at this time. We recommend checking out TerraCycle’s National Recycling Programs, which offer free recycling solutions.

For more questions and answers relating to Zero Waste Boxes or Recycled Products, please visit our Help Centre.