The Fullgreen® Recycling Envelope

Recycle your Fullgreen® food pouches via post

Recycling in partnership with Fullgreen®

TerraCycle and Fullgreen® have partnered to offer free recycling envelopes for your Fullgreen® food pouches.


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How it works

Participating is easy! Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Collect your Fullgreen® food pouches at home
  2. Order a prepaid envelope using the request form below
  3. Once received, remove the prepaid return label from inside your envelope and cover your address with it 
  4. Place your Fullgreen® food pouches inside the envelope
  5. Post your envelope to send it to TerraCycle®. Its contents and the envelope itself will be recycled!



Have a question? Visit the TerraCycle Help Centre for more information and answers to our frequently asked questions.

What you can recycle in this programme

Only Fullgreen® food pouches​ are accepted in this recycling envelope.

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