The Gillette® Recycling Envelope

Recycle any brand of razors and razor blades via post

Recycling in partnership with Gillette®

TerraCycle® and Gillette® have partnered to offer free recycling envelopes for your razors and razor blades.

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How it works

Participating is easy! Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Collect any brand of razors and razor blades at home
  2. Order a prepaid envelope through the Gillette® website (it will arrive within 2-3 weeks of your request)
  3. Once received, remove the prepaid return label from inside your envelope and cover your address with it 
  4. Place your razors and razor blades inside the envelope
  5. Put your envelope in the post and send it to TerraCycle® for recycling

Each household can request 4 envelopes per year, and you can send a maximum of 16 razors and/or razor blades in each envelope.


What you can recycle in this programme

Only razors and razor blades are accepted in this recycling envelope.

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