The Food Storage Container and Reusable Bottle Free Recycling Programme

Recycle all brands of used plastic food storage containers and reusable water bottles

Discover Our Recycling Process

Once collected, the used food storage containers are cleaned and separated by material type. The fibres and plastics are recycled into raw formats that manufacturers use to make new products. Click here to take a virtual tour of our processing facilities.

Learn more about Sistema®

Millions of customers in over 110 countries around the world use Sistema® products to help make their life a little easier. From drink bottles and lunch boxes, to microwave products and storage containers; everywhere Sistema® products are used, people find a purpose that suits their lifestyle. Sistema’s suite of storage solutions is versatile enough to handle all of life’s everyday moments all while being able to show style, personality and trends. Every product is reusable, versatile and eco-consciously manufactured.

Customers can find more about the brand and our commitments here :