Earth Bucks 2020

During April, join us in celebrating Earth Month by strengthening your commitment to recycling — and earning rewards for it!

All Earth Month, automatically earn 100 bonus points for every shipment in participating programs! Remember: TerraCycle® points are redeemable for donations to the school or charity of your choice.

How it works

Earn TerraCycle points by recycling your favorite products for Earth Month! Check out the participating programs below to see what you can send in to earn bonus points. 

Every shipment you send for these programs will earn you 100 points during the month of April. The more you ship, the more points you can receive! Shipments may be any size to qualify.

Please note shipments must be received before April 30 to qualify for bonus points. Ship at least two (2) weeks before this date, on or before April 15, to ensure your collections are received in time. Get recycling!

All participants are subject to the Earth Bucks rules.


All shipments we receive for the following recycling programs during April automatically earn 100 TerraCycle points. 

Click on the cards below to join these programs and learn what you can send in to recycle!

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