Provide one person with drinking water for one year

300 points

By redeeming 300 TerraCycle points for this option, you can provide one year’s supply of clean drinking water to a person who otherwise would lack access to this most essential element. charity: water partners with local organizations in 17 developing countries, mainly located in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia; 100% of TerraCycle’s donation will be used to build water projects for people living in poverty, where access to a safe water supply is extremely limited and where rates of water-related death are high.

charity: water’s local partners buy the necessary supplies to build hand-dug wells and deep wells (boreholes) in order to provide potable water to needy communities. Crucially, this gift will help alleviate poverty through the provision of a clean water supply and basic sanitation services, enhancing the resilience of poor communities to disease, climate shocks and environmental degradation.

The average well built by charity: water serves 250 people for 20 years. TerraCycle will aggregate your points with those from any of the other 60,000 collection locations across the US that also redeem points to purchase complete community wells. On average, a redemption 300 TerraCycle points is sufficient to supply one person with drinking water for one year. If you would like to provide drinking water for two or more people for a year, just change the quantity of years in the shopping cart, and redeem points for as many years as you like.

charity: water

charity: water brings clean and safe drinking water to people in 17 developing countries who are mainly located in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. charity: water uses 100% of their public donations to directly fund sustainable water solutions through partnerships with local organizations in the project areas.

Visit charity: water's website.

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