Recycle beauty empties with TerraCycle

Thank you for your interest in this program. It has closed, but don’t worry—we’ve got you covered with other ways to recycle your beauty waste.

How can I continue to recycle my hard-to-recycle beauty empties?

TerraCycle is always working to offer new recycling solutions. Check out all of our free recycling programs for beauty waste. And be sure to follow TerraCycle on social media to know right away when we’ve launched a new free recycling program.

You can continue to recycle all brands of beauty waste by purchasing a Beauty Products and Packaging Zero Waste Pouch.

Why do programs close?

TerraCycle provides the platform for brands to recycle their hard-to-recycle products and packaging. All decisions, including when programs come to an end, belong to the brand sponsors. Did you know that there are no legal obligations for manufacturers to offer recycling or other end-of-life solutions for their products or packaging? That’s why it’s important to let brands know that you value recycling solutions for hard-to-recycle waste! (Not sure what to say? Here are some questions you can ask!)

Need help?

If you need help finding the right free recycling program or Zero Waste Box for your needs, please contact us or visit our Help Center for more information.