Earth Month at TerraCycle

Who we are

TerraCycle is an international leader in innovative sustainability solutions, creating and operating first-of-their-kind platforms in recycling, recycled materials, and reuse. Across 21 countries, we’re developing practical solutions for today’s complex waste challenges.

Earth Month 2024

This year, is calling for a 60% reduction in plastic production by 2040. At TerraCycle, our mission is Eliminating the Idea of Waste®, and we proudly support a reduction in the production of virgin or new plastics.

Plastic is everywhere—it’s in our grocery carts, in the clothes we wear, and piling up in landfills that pollute our lands and seas. While we at TerraCycle continue to work on a global level toward Eliminating the Idea of Waste® through our recycling solutions, reuse platform, and the TerraCycle Global Foundation, there are lots of small, individual actions we can all take to make a big difference, like:

  • Using your voice to demand change from lawmakers and corporations.
  • Buying less and choosing sustainable options when shopping.
  • Keeping hard-to-recycle plastics out of landfills and incinerators by recycling them with TerraCycle.

We’ll be sharing more on the actions you can take during Earth Month all month long! Follow us on Instagram or sign up for our email list to stay in the loop, or get started today by checking out our solutions below.

How to get started

Recycling with TerraCycle is simple! We offer free and paid recycling solutions to help our TerraCyclers recycle as much as possible. Follow these steps to get started…

Recycle with our free recycling programs 
  1. Create an account on
  2. Browse our free recycling programs and find those that fit your needs
  3. Join as many programs as you like
  4. Start collecting and recycling!
#RecycleEverything with Zero Waste Box™
  1. Create an account on
  2. Browse our selection of Zero Waste Boxes and find the right fit for your needs
  3. Purchase the box(es) you want
  4. Start collecting and recycling! 

Why recycle with TerraCycle?

Recycling has many environmental benefits, like reducing the need to extract virgin materials from the planet, preventing trash from being landfilled or littered, and reusing valuable materials (like plastic). Plus, recycling with TerraCycle is proven to be better for the planet than landfilling or incinerating trash. Third-party-verified life cycle assessments (LCAs) show that our recycling models have a lower environmental impact than traditional solutions across eight major categories (including global warming). On average, our models are forty-five percent better for the planet.

Recycling guaranteed

At TerraCycle, we’ve cemented our place as an international leader in innovative sustainability solutions in many ways. We’ve collaborated closely with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation to advance reuse adoption for over a decade, participated in working groups to help define standards and shape policy recommendations around reuse, and even provided recommendations to help improve the Federal Trade Commission’s Green Guides. 

On Earth Day and every day, we’ll continue to advocate for plastic reduction and for action to be taken to address the waste crisis. And we’ll be here with solutions for recycling your hard-to-recycle trash until our programs are no longer needed.