Industrial Recycling Services

TerraCycle provides industrial recycling services for your company’s distribution center, warehouse, or production facility, helping you to reach your zero waste goals and finding solutions for typically hard-to-recycle materials.

Our Materials Team will work with you closely through the entire process to ensure that our industrial recycling services are customized to fit the needs of your specific facility and waste.

The first step is to help us understand the waste stream(s) that you’re generating at your facilities.

  • Email us and tell us about each individual waste stream (type of waste, such as PPE) you’d like us to evaluate.
  • A TerraCycle representative will respond with any follow-up questions about the material, at which point we will begin the quoting process.

If necessary, one of our TerraCycle team members may ask to visit your facility for a waste audit to better understand the material stream(s) and staging capacity.