Alaffia® Recycling Envelope Program

Request a free recycling envelope for your Alaffia® rigid plastic packaging.

Recycling in partnership with Alaffia®

TerraCycle® and Alaffia® have partnered to create a national recycling program for Alaffia® rigid plastic packaging (includes deodorant, pumps, sprayers and lip balm).
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How it works

Participating in this program is free and easy. 

  1. To request your recycling envelope for Alaffia® rigid plastic packaging, please complete the order form below. Your envelope will ship via the United States Postal Service within 1-2 weeks. 

  2. Once received, remove the prepaid return label from inside your envelope. Cover your address with the label.

  3. Collect and fill the envelope with Alaffia® rigid plastic packaging (deodorant, pumps, sprayers, lip balm).

  4. Seal and return via USPS.