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Fabric Care Recycling

Recycle laundry bottles, caps, and paperboard through TerraCycle’s platform.

Local Recycling Solutions

Find locations near you to recycle your empty laundry bottles and paperboard laundry care packaging. This platform provides various free recycling solutions including curbside and drop-off recycling options. If you can’t find one, then TerraCycle will provide you with a free direct solution.

This means your laundry bottles, caps, and paperboard are now fully recyclable everywhere in America!

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How it works

Participating is completely free and very easy.

Use our interactive map to search for available recycling options near you, and after using don’t forget to rate your experience.

What you can recycle

Program accepted waste: paperboard laundry care packaging and all brands of #5 plastic laundry caps and #2 plastic laundry bottles. Caps must be secured to their respective bottles when being recycled. All Tide bottles and caps are #5 and #2 plastic respectively.

Best practices for recycling


Begin by typing in your address. (If there are no recycling options nearby, you will be eligible to join the free Fabric Care Recycling Program and recycle from any location you wish.)

You may zoom in or out of the map to narrow or broaden your search by clicking the plus/minus buttons on the bottom right corner of the map.

Browse and select from available recycling options. Available locations will be listed to the left of the map. Click on a card for more information about that location or on the map directly.


Drop-off locations: Locations marked with a recycling symbol represent places where you can drop off your laundry bottles, caps, and paperboard for recycling. These are typically retailers, local recycling centers or other public locations.

TerraCycle collection locations: Locations marked with the TerraCycle symbol represent TerraCycle collection locations that are available for public drop-off. These locations are typically managed by a single person or small group. They collect waste in their communities and ship it to TerraCycle for recycling.

Municipal recycling areas: Regions colored red represent townships that offer free local recycling services. These are typically curbside pickup recycling services. If you fall inside the highlighted region, your laundry bottles, caps, and paperboard can be placed in your home recycling bin.

Disclaimer of damages: Any public and other recycling facilities, including TerraCycle’s collection locations, that are identified by TerraCycle hereunder are not under the control or influence of TerraCycle therefore, neither TerraCycle nor Tide are responsible for any losses or damages to any personal possessions and/or property that may occur when accessing such facility.

What happens to the waste

Once collected, the #5 caps and #2 bottles are cleaned and melted into rigid plastic that can be recycled to make new products. It is imperative that the cap be secured tightly to the bottle when recycled. Click here to learn more about the recycling process. 

Did you know Tide bottles are made from used Tide bottles (and other packaging)? P&G has led efforts in the U.S. to recycle colored plastics, then developed a special three-layer bottle to deliver recycled content in their orange Tide bottles. They have been using +25% recycled resin on all of their North American detergent bottles for more than 25 years. And now they want to take this commitment to the planet one step further. Click here to learn more.


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