Fabric Care Recycling Program

Recycle laundry bottles, caps, and paperboard packaging through this program.

Find a Location Near You

Use the interactive map below to search for curbside and municipal programs as well as public drop-off locations where you can drop off your collections.

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How it works

Participating is simple and free.

If there are no curbside programs or public locations near you, join this program and download a free shipping label to send your collections to TerraCycle.

What you can recycle

All brands of paperboard laundry care packaging and #5 plastic laundry caps and #2 plastic laundry bottles

NOTE: Caps must be secured to their respective bottles when being recycled. All Tide bottles and caps are #5 and #2 plastic, respectively.


Curbside and municipal recycling areas: Regions highlighted red represent areas that offer free public recycling services, typically standard curbside pickup. If an address falls within these regions, laundry care bottles, caps, and paperboard can be placed in the home recycling bin

Public drop-off locations: Light green recycling symbols represent public places that accept laundry bottles, caps, and paperboard for recycling. These are typically grocery stores, retailers, local recycling centers, or other public locations.

Disclaimer of damages: Any public and other recycling facilities, including TerraCycle’s collection locations, identified by TerraCycle hereunder are not under the control or influence of TerraCycle. Therefore, neither TerraCycle nor Tide are responsible for any losses or damages to any personal possessions and/or property that may occur when accessing such a facility.


Did you know Tide bottles are made from used Tide bottles (and other packaging)? P&G has led efforts in the US to recycle colored plastics and developed a special three-layer bottle to deliver recycled content in their orange Tide bottles. They have been using 25%+ recycled resin on all of their North American detergent bottles for more than 25 years. Now, they are taking this commitment to the planet even further. Click here to learn more.


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